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Dr. Ruben Ambartsumyan, MD

Dr. Ruben Ambartsumyan is an American Board Certified Family Physician currently licenced in Ontario. He obtained his first MD degree in 1996 at Kharkov State Medical University, Ukraine, followed by orthopedic surgery training. He completed more training at St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine in the Cayman Islands in 2015, followed by residency training in Family Medicine at the University at Buffalo, NY, USA.

Dr. Ambartsumyan is the co-author of an orthopedic rehabilitation manual published in Ukraine in the 1990s. In the early 2010s in Toronto, he was a member of the advisory board working on the implementation of contrast-enhanced echocardiography in Ontario that soon gained acknowledgment and popularity.

Dr. Ambartsumyan focuses his current practice on family oriented primary care, prioritizing prevention, coordinating complex care, and addressing ongoing concerns. His purpose is to provide patients and families convenient, easily accessible, and quality care. He speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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