Ayurveda and Immunity


Ayurveda, the science of life suggests many ways to support and enhance all life processes by increasing the inner strength and immune response to the stressors either physical, emotional, environmental, etc. Considering the coronavirus disease outbreak, it is more important than ever to pay attention to increase our inner strength by developing our immune [...]

Ayurveda and Immunity2020-12-03T00:40:16+00:00

Diet for the Brain: What is that?


Healthy nutrition is important for everyone; it is even more important for children with ADHD. Research shows that what you feed your body has a direct correlation to how your brain functions(1). Diet and nutrition impact cognition, attention, sleep, and mood. Balanced nutrition is very important during childhood, which is a period of vigorous [...]

Diet for the Brain: What is that?2020-07-29T17:25:39+00:00
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