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Carmen-Gianina Colcer

A Registered Massage Therapist with College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and member of RMTAO. Professional clinical training includes: study of Anatomy, Physiology, Orthopedic Assessment, General Swedish Massage Therapy techniques, Trigger Point Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Fascial Release and Hydrotherapy.

Throughout her career as a Registered Massage Therapist, she has been focusing her practice and gained clinical experience in treating a wide range of Musculoskeletal and Neurological Body Dysfunctions related to problems in the areas of back, neck and shoulder, headaches and migraines, muscle stiffness, joints movement restrictions and stress-related issues.

During the course of her treatment protocols in order to make people feel better, she successfully applies hydrotherapy, myofascial release techniques, deep tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, stretches and remedial exercises.

She treats every patient with a personalized and individualized approach based on clinical assessment findings and patient’s goals for recovery. She provides treatment to patients of all ages: her youngest patient was a 2 years old little girl and her oldest patient was a 92 years old grandmother. The main objectives of her treatment protocols are focused on helping people to feel better by providing them with much needed relief for pain, stress and tension and the overall functional recovery. She is always happy to serve you!

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