ADHD Clinic

The model of care offered by 101 ADHD Clinic allows patients to have a team of health professionals working together to assess and treat ADHD and related concerns in children and adolescents (e.g. behavioral challenges, anxiety, depression, self-esteem concerns, social skills).

We strive to promote psychological health and well-being.

We offer a unique model of collaborative care offering patients assessment services and effective psychotherapy using research-based treatments.

Our services may include the following:

  • Psychiatric consult
  • Pediatric consult to rule out medical causes
  • Psychotherapy treatment (offering coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness)
  • Innovative treatment programs (i.e. neurobiofeedback, integrated listening systems)

Integrated Listening Therapy (iLs) integrates music, movement and language exercises in order to improve brain function. These programs are based on the notion that the brain is able to change in response to stimulation (i.e. neuroplasticity). iLs provides specific stimulation to activate the neural pathways used in the processing of sensory information. Neuronal connections in these pathways are strengthened and new connections are established through repeated sessions of multi-sensory inputs. These programs are individualized for each person’s therapeutic goals.


Recent research suggests that there may be a possible link between ADHD and the foods one eats. Non-medical treatments, such as diet and nutrition, can sometimes make a big difference in symptoms of ADHD. A nutritional consult may be an important step when considering treatment for ADHD.
Contact us to find out how nutritional consulting can help you!